Iron, Steel and Aluminium Structures


We fabricate metal structures to your specific design requirements.

Emakhadeni delivers quality products, on time, first time making us one of the most reliable steel fabricators in South Africa. Our company is focused on attaining and maintaining leadership in using technology to improve the efficiency, quality and cost in fabricating structures. Combining a stable workforce, with management experience in delivering tonnes of steelwork, Emakhandeni is well equipped to provide structural steel for projects of any size.

Our services include:

  1. Fabrication of construction metal works
  2. Manufacture & repair of security doors/gates
  3. Pallisades 
  4. Carports
  5. Burglar Bars
  6. Roller  shutter doors
  7. Structure dismantling
  8. Customised structures

The benefits of selecting Emakhandeni as your preferred fabricator:

  • A commitment of delivering fabricated steel on time
  • A detailed tracking system to provide clients current work in progress information (reports)
  • A stable and experienced  work force
  • A strong work ethic and desire to meet customer requirements
  • A spirit of co-operation and desire to work with clients to meet their schedule
  • Dispute-free history of Industrial Relations
  • Fully compliant to South African Standards